Jokowi inaugurated the largest Solar Power Plant in Kupang

On Sunday (27/12/2015) in Middle Kupang, in Oelpuah Village, East Nusa Tenggara, President Joko Widodo inaugurated the Independent Power Producer of 5MWP Solar Power Plant (IPP PLTS) built by PT LEN Industri (Persero) as an IPP.

This 5MWp Solar Power Plant is the largest Solar Power Plant that ever built in Indonesia. PT Surya Energi Indotama which acts as the EPC for this project is also proud because they finished the project faster than the plan. Construction began in January 2015 and was targeted to complete in June 2016.

“This is the first one that can be done in nine months. Mixed energy, this combination is eco-friendly.” said Jokowi quoted from the President Communication Team, Sunday (27/12/2015).

The Solar Power Plant system used the Grid-Connected system where solar power plants work in parallel and connect directly to the main power grid. Therefore, this Solar Power Plant does not use the battery system because the electricity generated directly to the existing electricity grid during the day. This system contains a series of solar module panels, inverter systems, electrical protection systems, and network interconnection devices.

The Grid-Connected PLTS system has been built at two locations in Bali (Bangli and Karangasem) with each total power of 1 MWP.

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