Saung Tenaga Surya is a place to rest that can generate electricity from PLTS without a PLN network.

It is an environmentally friendly street light. The Supercapacitor is designed to increase energy efficiency at night by adjusting the operating time.

Berfungsi sebagai Monitoring Dashboard PLTS Hybrid (Solar PV Modules, Genset dan PLN) di gedung PT. SEI.

This is a translucent photovoltaic system, incorporating exterior art in place of the building's windshield.

A photovoltaic system that utilizes the roof or dak of a building for the location of installing solar panels.

A translucent photovoltaic system, incorporating exterior art that is mounted on the Dak or roof of the building.

Network Operation Center (NOC) functions as Monitoring Dashboard of PLTS BTS LASTMILE 4G Kominfo in 3T (Disadvantaged, Frontier and Outermost) areas in Indonesia.

Functioning as a SEI Solar Hybrid Power System equipment that works automatically to supply electricity from PLTS, generators and batteries that are integrated with the PLN network.