On-Grid PV Systems

A grid-connected Solar Power Plants is a Solar Power Plants that connected to the operator’s electricity network. During the day, the energy produced can meet energy needs that are environmentally friendly while saving electricity consumption from the operator network. This system can be used for IPP business.

Off-Grid PV Systems

Independent solar power generation is a renewable energy solution for areas not covered by the operator's grid. Consists of solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, and energy storage. The energy generated will be stored in the storage media and distributed to users through a separate network system.

Rooftop Solar
Power Plants
for Office and Home

Using the roof of your building as a Solar Power Plants area is a solution to limited land, especially in cities. Apart from being a source of clean energy that can save electricity costs, Rooftop Solar Power Plants can also be integrated to add to the building's uniqueness and beauty.

Solar Tree & Solar Street Lighting

The perfect solution for street lighting. Source from renewable energy that will not run out and pollution-free. Easy use and minimal maintenance make solar-powered street lighting the right choice for street light-ing, now and in the future.

Solar Saung

Saung, which can generate electricity without a PLN grid, uses the working principle of DC Coupling PLTS Off Grid to convert solar energy with frameless solar panels and utilize batteries as storage media. The use of solar powered huts is as a promotional medium and in addition, of course, is a saung with charging technology that is useful for outdoor purposes. This 700 WH capacity has 4 DC outputs and 1 AC output.

Portable Power Kit

P500/P750 product is a safe, portable, stable, environmentally friendly small energy storage system. the P500/P750 provide photography, expedition and search and rescue.

P500 has a rich output interface, it supply AC output port interface for mini bars, fans, projectors, computers and other equipment power supply; it provide USB TYPE-A and TYPE-C for mobile terminal power, as well as supply 12V output interface for the LED lighting equpment power. P500 can support a variety of charging methods, can use the charger with the product, the optional solar panel car charger for its charge.

Solar Hybrid System

Hybrid Power Plant is an alternative solution that make solar power to be generating com- bined with a generator set or wind power as a backup power.

Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pump System is designed to use solar-electric power to pump water from natural water sources. Solar water pump systems are used for home or village water supply, irrigation, agriculture, livestock watering, water treatment, and more.

Micro Hydro Power Plant

Mini / micro Hydro Power Plant is a power plant that uses water as its energy source, commonly called Mini Hydro Power Plant and Micro Hydro Power Plant. Inside it there are turbine and generator components. The water will flow through the turbine so that the turbine rotates. Turbine rotation will rotate generator to generate electricity.

PLTS Container

Solar Container is an integrated mobile power plant powered by renewable solar energy. This system is easy to install and can be operated easily. This solution enables cost-effective and standardized delivery to any location accessible by tractor-trailer.